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Micro-invasive surgery, done through a small nick in the skin.

No hospitals.

No long recovery.

Just life, back to normal.

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Just as effective as hysterectomy. Back to work in 10 days!


Relief for chronic pelvic pain due to pelvic congestion syndrome and May-Thurner Syndrome.


Better than NSAIDS and joint injections for relieving pain!


Just as effective as surgery. Sleep better in 1 week. No catheters, no sexual side effects!


Why go under the knife? It's a vascular problem, we provide a vascular solution. Rectal bleeding stops in 90%!


Relieve pain and restore range of motion.

DAVID WOOD, MD          



Dr. Wood brings world-class training and a wealth of experience in minimally-invasive microsurgery to Valley men and women. Let him put his expertise to work for you.

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For 15 years, Dr. Wood has specialized in micro-invasive, targeted treatments for a variety of health problems, guided by state-of-the-art imaging technologies.

Dr. Wood obtained his Medical Doctor degree from the University of Southern California. He stayed on at USC for specialty training in Diagnostic Radiology, followed by sub-specialty training in Interventional Radiology. He is dual board-certified in Diagnostic Radiology and Interventional Radiology.

For 11 years Dr. Wood served as Chief of Interventional Radiology at Banner - University Medical Center Phoenix (formerly Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center), where he also served as Chair of the Endovascular Committee. Dr. Wood has gained national attention for his work with liver cancer, on which he has spoken both locally and in national conferences. In his private practice Dr. Wood offers micro-invasive therapies in a boutique, personalized setting. Areas of expertise include uterine fibroids, enlarged prostate, peripheral artery disease, liver cancer, pelvic congestion syndrome, varicoceles, internal hemorrhoids, arthritis of the knee, and frozen shoulder.


  • You've changed my life after a year of misery! Thank you!
    <span style='color: #ffffff;'>Jenny</span> Jenny
  • Dr. Wood showed he really cared and took the time to explain my condition where I could understand. He performed my procedure and I felt amazing within 2 days. I would recommend any woman to see Dr. David Wood.
    <span style='color: #ffffff;'>Anonymous Healthgrades Review</span> Anonymous Healthgrades Review
  • Life is way better! Bleeding has stopped it's amazing!
    <span style='color: #ffffff;'>Lavonne</span> Lavonne
  • Everything from pre-op to billing has ran smoothly. I appreciate it all!
    <span style='color: #ffffff;'>Happy Patient</span> Happy Patient
  • Everything was great everyone treated me very well and everyone in the office was very thoughtful.
    <span style='color: #ffffff;'>Jennifer</span> Jennifer
  • Just would like to say that Everyone is just so helpful and awesome.
    <span style='color: #ffffff;'>Lena</span> Lena
  • I really appreciate the experience and that Dr. Wood took his time to help me understand and feel comfortable.
    <span style='color: #ffffff;'>Rachel</span> Rachel
  • I met with Dr. Wood in March and he diagnosed me with may thurner syndrome. It was such a breath of fresh air to meet with a doctor who ACTUALLY cared about my past medical history. I have Endometriosis and I so often get told the run of the mill information, but Dr. Wood spent about the first 20 minutes going over all my past medical history and did a very thorough ultrasound which led to my diagnosis. I would highly recommend seeing him!
    <span style='color: #ffffff;'>Michelle</span> Michelle
  • I was referred to Dr. Wood by my gynecologist for chronic pain in my stomach that would feel like a shooting pain going from my stomach to my knees and ankles making it hard to function for a few years. I was diagnosed with endometriosis 2 years prior to seeing Dr. Wood. Once my gynecologist got my endometriosis under control he sent me to Dr. Wood to figure out what was causing the pain to my legs. Dr. Wood diagnosed me with May Thurner Syndrome and recommended that I be stented. His recommendation was the best decision I have made for my health. I went from being in pain everyday to having little to no pain at all. Dr. Wood has given me my life back! I am truly thankful that my gynecologist recommended such an awesome and wonderful doctor! His staff is just as amazing as he is!
    <span style='color: #ffffff;'>Veronica</span> Veronica
  • Dr. Wood is amazing. I looked all over the valley and suffered for years with vaginal varicosities and he is the only doctor that would treat them. He also treated my leg varicosities and spider veins effectively and affordably. He is professional and personable. I highly recommend him.
    <span style='color: #ffffff;'>Loni</span> Loni
  • I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Dr. David Wood. I first met with Dr. Wood in November for a consultation at ImageMed. He spent over an hour with me getting to know me and educating me on the different options I had to address my health condition. He was very thorough and took his time. By the end of my consultation I felt comfortable and decided to go ahead with a treatment. The day of my procedure Dr. Wood again went over with me what was going to take place so I would feel comfortable and know what to expect. A few days after my procedure Dr. Wood again followed up with me to make sure I was recovering well. I am so pleased with my experience! My whole experience has been truly remarkable! I would highly recommend Dr. David Wood!
    <span style='color: #ffffff;'>Megan</span> Megan
  • I suffered with pain for approximately 10yrs and have had, seemingly, every test known to man trying to find relief. I was recommended to Image Med, and more specifically, Dr. David Wood. I was told I had been suffering with fibroids. after one visit I knew he was the Dr. to heal my woes. His knowledge and bedside manner was polished, his compassion and understanding was comforting and the procedure itself was exactly what I needed to find comfort and live again! Thank you Dr Wood
    <span style='color: #ffffff;'>Monica</span> Monica
  • Truly knowledgeable in and of his chosen field. Amazing bedside manner and professionalism.
    <span style='color: #ffffff;'>Anonymous Vitals Review</span> Anonymous Vitals Review

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